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Chosen to Win Mentorship

Welcome to Joan Murray Ministries Mentorship Program. This fact sheet provides you with information about the program.


The program is designed to help you discover and fulfill your God-given destiny. It is also designed to provide dialogue, wisdom, assistance, and knowledge by facilitating discussions with those who are committed to the call of God on their lives.

Program Objectives:

The program will provide discipleship during the mentorship process and will also aid each participant in developing goals, with connecting to God at a deeper level, in working on their visions and assignments, in developing a deeper connection with other leaders, and in achieving your spiritual, physical, personal, financial, and relationship goals.


Program Information:

  • The length of the mentorship program is 12 months.
  • The cost of the mentorship program is $35 per month payable quarterly at the beginning of the each quarter.
  • There are four assignments that are due at the end of each quarter. The completion of these assignments is necessary for the successful completion of the program and to qualify for certification.
  • The meetings that are scheduled for Chosen to Win are for the program members only. Please note: Members will be informed of those times when they can invite a guest to participate in the meetings.
  • Please keep all personal contact information confidential. This information should only be given to members of the program.
  • Contact the Program Coordinator (Phyllis Villanueva) with any changes in your personal contact information.

Program Content:

During the twelve (12) months mentorship process, we will provide you with monthly assignments that are designed to aid you in the fulfillment of each phase of your destiny. Each assignment is designed to take you on a journey of discovery. A discovery of your position in Christ, of God’s assignment for your life, and a discovery that you have been made to fulfill greatness. You will discover that you are called and chosen to win.

The conference calls/webinars will be a time of teaching, sharing, encouragement, and vision casting. We will have group discussions where you will exchange thoughts, ideas, and wisdom. You will be encouraged and inspired to fulfill your destiny with passion.
The assignments and the projected outcome are as follows:

Session 1:

Journey to Discovery – The goal of this session is to discover who God has called, appointed, and destined you to be. You are royalty and a joint-heir with Jesus Christ. You were born to win!

Session 2:

Fulfilling Purpose and Destiny – The goal of this session is to aid you in unlocking your winning potential, to help you in the preparation process, and to tap into the keys for being victorious in your destiny.

Session 3:

Vision, Purpose and Destiny – The goal of this session is to provide guidance in bringing your dreams into reality. You will discover how to dream and how to fulfill those dreams, how to position yourself for the victory, and how you can maintain your winning position in your assignment and destiny.