Prayer for Healing

Father in the name of Jesus, I (your name) thank You that You have blessed me with good health. Exodus 15:26 tells me that if I carefully follow the Lord my God and obey Him, He will not bring any sickness on me for He is the Lord who heals me. Father, Exodus 23:25 says that if I worship the Lord my God that He will bless me and take away sickness and disease from me. I thank You that Deuteronomy 7:15 says that the Lord will remove all sickness from me and I believe and receive Your Word. I also thank You that Psalm 91:16 promises me that with long healthy life will You satisfy me and show me Your salvation.

I take Psalm 107:20 as my personal promise that you sent Your Word and healed me and removed me from the pit. I thank You that Proverbs 4:20-23 tells me that if I keep Your Word within my heart and not loose sight of them that they will be life to me and health to my whole body. Father, I thank You so much that Jeremiah 1:12 says You hasten to fulfill Your word in my life. Base on Isaiah 53:4 You bore my sicknesses and diseases and carried my pain, and by Your wounds I am totally healed and made whole. I thank You that Mark 11:23 says that if I speak to the mountains in my life that they must move. So I speak to the mountain of sickness and disease. Sickness and disease you have no power over me, in Jesus name.