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Thanksgiving GOD

Submitted By: Anonymous

Prayer Request: Pray for Hong Kong, no cursing and unfair culture. Dear God, if you agree, please use your plan to reduce and eliminate all professional curses, curses and unfair cultures in Hong Kong. Although this situation often occurs in the Legislative Council. Because it will bring more negative effects. I saw the upper management swear and curse an employee. Suicide is better than in the work area. Then cause more legal issues in the news report! And I saw that I had worked hard to passaway. But no body is responsible and legal responsibility ? Then these culture are continually .I believe that the people created by God are not for cursing and cursing. God, please help them, . Maybe legislation. These twenty years, I did not see which company had no cursing/curse and rude mouth in Hong Kong. I hope that the next generation can withstand it. If it can’t be changed, in the name of Jesus, Amen!

Thanksgiving GOD! Since my grandfather suffering from blood cancer around in his 34 years old , GOD give him alive more 60 years.Thanksgiving full of miracle in his life and Mom’s life. And i remember he drag my hand when i’m kid and i drag his hand recovery memory. Thanksgiving!