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Wife’s Ongoing Health Battle

Submitted By: Anonymous

Prayer Request: Please pray for wife’s health issues that have been ongoing for 7 years and have been one thing after another – autoimmune, allergies, rheumatoid symptoms, nerve problem symptoms etc and it\’s like she hasn\’t had the chance to live and enjoy our last 7 years of marriage. Please pray for positive change as it really gets us both down. Please pray for healing for all of these and for her rheumatoid symptoms and burning feet/cold toes and fluid nodule on her big toes and next biggest toe on each foot. She loves walking and it\’s really depressing her. Please pray for healing, peace, answers, help for her to do all she can do in playing her part to contribute to better health and for encouragement and good consultants/advocates/support workers. She had a CT scan of her sinuses and we pray they’re okay and nothing sinister. Pray also for her neurology appointment as she has been having sensitivity symptoms on the left side of her face and mouth/tongue. Thank you.