Pray For Someone

GOD blessing and healing

Submitted By: Anonymous

Prayer Request: Dear GOD , please remove our sins and i believe you and i know only you understanding my praying . Just want to help pray for visual teacher Miss Tso since she leave Visual room at last day on 7.2.2019. Please blessing her life with full of love with her Boy friend with healthy and have long life. GOD please help heal her because she has Hyperactivity disorder when she is kids , Major depressive disorder on her teenager. Remove bad habit and heal her lung, Stomach , Diaphragm cramp . Also please help heal and increase her resistance since she removed Tonsil by surgery on half year ago. Recently, she has suffering from appendicitis and need to be a work on new job. Dear GOD , I know only you can heal her and her boy friend same as you heal my grandfather , please let she know her boy friend is hard working dangerously and let she know must has her own business but need to keep health first. And let she know Juses is GOD, only Jesus can heal her and power of pray. Let she leave all of Divination, and forget all of Spirit world and me forever. Running to the God’s shine everyday and focus to the Jesus GOD only. GOD blessing her family ,her boy friend’s health and business. Let’s she and her family included her parents, all of her family members with happy , blessed and rich. Blessing by GOD forever. Pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!