Pray For Someone

Healing, Financial Blessings

Submitted By: Kimberly Martin

Prayer Request: Can you please pray for healing over my blood pressure & my entire body, especially my digestive system? My husband Randy and I are moving today into a house & all this week. Pray for supernatural strength, that everything go well. Pray for blessings on the house. Pray for my brother, Jason. He is troubled about many things. He lives with his girlfriend. They are not married. And I know she is not saved & I think she is demon possessed. Pray for his safety & deliverance. And pray for protection over house, property & animals.( Nick & Butterscotch). And last but not least, pray for our marriage, healing & restoration that all third party relationships ( His mom, Phyllis and his sister, Sue, which have tried to break us up for the whole time we have been married), ungodly soul ties & demonic influence be bound in Jesus name. Loose peace. And pray for financial blessings for our home improvement business we are self-employed. Clients that pay well and weather to be clear. We need a car & an air conditioner for the house. And pray for healing over my father, Ernest Cherry, that his blood sugar levels be normal. And pray for favor with my music ministry that the Lord will open doors that no man can close.