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hashimoto thyroid physical healing

Submitted By: Anonymous

Prayer Request: prayer request Hashimoto thyroid(autoimmune disease) causing wild hot/cold body temp swings& decrease sense of smell causing me trouble with body odor reported to supervisor by male worker/supervisor. I was diagnosed 50 yrs, synthetic thyroid hormone replacement does not control temp swings.I need to survive in a workplace where I have been for 30 years. I am not attempting to offend male worker/supervisors. Please pray I am post menopausal with body temperature cold/hot swings I can not control. The workplace temperature is hot and cold depending on where the work location is.Male worker/supervisors wear t shirts. I wear two coats and layers underneath just to be able to work there. Please pray God will help me find a way to work here without offending male worker/supervisors and heal my thyroid. I am eldest post menopausal female on my shift. I appreciate prayers God give me a plan so I do not offend male worker/supervisor and plenty of personal space. Grandmother, mother, generational illness.