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Freedom wanted

Submitted By: Olivia Wilcox

Prayer Request: I’m 25 years old and more than anything want to experience God, to be head-over heels- in love with Him, & to stop sinning.
After receiving a prophetic word that I study Nehemiah. I was amazed at how perfect it is for me. As handbook/guide to personal restoration, I am determined to follow in Nehemiah’s footsteps.
I DESPERATELY NEED PRAYER to believe I’m not an exception, this will work
for me, I will find freedom, and God will show up for me.
Right now, I can’t control my own emotions, my memories, or my own
behavior. I’ve tried everything over the past few years and nothing has
worked.SOZO, inner healing prayer, internships, discipleship programs, and I even went to Canada for 4 months to a residential center that promised freedom in Christ. Each program was awful in its own way and it sucks because I only did them to get close to God. I just want to live the life and have
the relationship with God that’s promised in the Bible.
Following Nehemiah’s plan is my last hope. I need this to work. I’m doing this by myself so any guidance, advice, or help is appreciated.
My number is 301-974-5756 if calling would be easier I would be happy to speak with you!