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For My Son That Does Not Need Two Poo Two Not Need Two Poo

Submitted By: Anonymous

Prayer Request: Please
Would You Pray For My Son In William Danahy On Monday’s Tuesday’s Wednesday’s Thursday Friday Sunday’s For My Son When My Son Does Not Need Two Be Poo In On Monday’s Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sunday’s In June In Are Eve In & Afternoon After Math & With No Need In For My Son Two Be Poo In From 12 AM Till 11 AM & For God Two Help Comfort My Son In MR William Danahy Two Feel As Cold Or As Warm Whatever He Wishes Two Feel It As When He Prays & Talks Two God That God Will A Most Always Hear When My Son Prays Two Not Need Two Be Poo In Also When My Son In MR William Danahy When He Doesn’t Have Two Be Poo In Two Not Need Two Be Feeling So Blood It With A Hole Lot Of Stomach Gas In June 2020 & Thank You For Your Praying Prayers & God Blessed