Pray For Someone

Two Be Able Two Feel Warm

Submitted By: Anonymous

Prayer Request: Please Would You Pray For God Two Help Me When I AM Cold Two Feel A Warm Up Of 98 Degree Wrap It Warm Up In My Feet Legs Body Arms Hands Two Help Heat & Keep Me Nice Warm Comfortable With Out Feeling Cold Little As Notice In The Cold Into Monday June 15 2020 Through Out Tuesday June 16 2020 With A Wrap It 100 % Smooth & Lite Die A Jest Feeling Stomach With That Wrap It 100 % Smooth & Lite Die A Jest Feeling Bladder When I Do Not Need Two Poo Two Not Notice A Hole Lot Of Stomach Gas For God Two Help Me From Getting Any Congestion Down In My Stomach & Two Feel Wrap It Strength 100 % Energy With Out Always Feeling Stiff Sore Tired With 100 % Strong Healthy Muscles 100 % Strong Healthy Bones 100 % Strong Joints In Both Of My Knees & Up In Both Shoulders With 100 % Wrap It Relive Of Middle & Lower Back Pain On Both Sides Of My Back & Thank You For Your Praying Prayers & God Blessed.