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Just Two Not Need Two Be Going Stomach Poo Illness

Submitted By: Anonymous

Prayer Request: Please
Would You Pray For God Two Help Make & Bring US A Most Every Day Rain & For Rains Two Fall Help Out Side Grass Fire & Camp Ground Wild Fires Cross South Southern Ontario All A Long The Lower Great Lakes Two Help US See Need It Rains From 12 AM On Saturday June 20 If 2020 Till 1:01 AM On Sunday June 21 2020 As Much As 180 M Leathers Of Rain Two Help Make Bring US Need It Rains Two Preston Cambridge Ontario Canada In 100 % Severe Thunder Storms That Help Bring US More Rains Then In Regular Rain Fall With 100 % Noon Severe Light N Strikes Two Help Keep Power On As Rains Fall A Cross South Southern Ontario With Rains Stop In At 1:01 AM Sunday June 21 2020 Till 7:57 PM & Restart In Back Up Bring In 96 M Leathers Of Rain For Sunday June 21 2020 From 8 PM Till 1:01 AM On Monday June 22 2020 Cross Stream South Southern Ontario Through Out The Greater Preston Cambridge Ontario Canada Two Help Poor Away All Out Side Grass Fire & Camp Ground Fires & For God Two Hear When You Are Praying For It Two Rain Two Help US See It Rain Need It Heavy Rain Fall In Greater Preston Ontario Canada & Thank You For Your Praying Prayers & God Blessed.