Pray For Someone

For My Son’s In Side Of His Mouth

Submitted By: Anonymous

Prayer Request: Please Would You Pray For My Son In MR William Minder His Top Of His Mouth Also In Side Of His Back Mouth & On His Hole Tip Of His Tongue & Above Tongue It Self Is Burt & Sore Also Feels Like Cancer Is If God Can Help My Son Two Not Feel A Burt & Sore Top Of His Mouth & At The Very Back Of His Mouth Also On His Hole Tip Of His Tongue & Above The Hole Tongue It Self So When My Son Is Laying Down Or Sitting Up He Doesn’t Notice A Hole Lot Little As Feel A Hole Bad Burt Top Of His Mouth & Back Of His In Side Mouth Cheeks & Under His Tongue & For God Two Search My Son For Cancer & Kill The Cancer In Side Of My Son’s Mouth From Top Two Bottom & For My Son’s Throat That Also Feels Sore A Lot Of Times Two Feel Less Sore With All Season Strep Sore Throat & Season Sore Throat For My Son In MR William Minder When He Doesn’t Need Two Always Be Poo In Two Not Notice A Hole Lot Of Poo In When My Son Wishes Two Not Poo & When My Son Isn’t Poo In Two Not Notice Or Get A Hole Lot Of Stomach In Congestion & Stomach Heart Burn In Congestion & Just Two Not Notice A Lot Of Stomach Gas When He Is Not Going Poo But Poo When He Needs Two & Wishes Two & However Much He Can Two Clean Out His Stomach Two Help His Stomach Feel A Lot Smooth & Lite After Going The Poo That He Needs & Two Not Need Two Poo On Sunday Monday Tuesday In January 2021 & For God Two Help Always Heat & Keep My Son Warm As 888.00 Warm Up In His Feet Legs Body Arms Hands Two Help Keep My Son Warm So He Never Feels Cold & When My Son Meditates & Talks Two God That For Sure He Will Hear My Son & Answer My Son In MR William Minder & Thank You Ministries.