Pray For Someone

Prayer for Roshan

Submitted By: Roshan Coutinho

Prayer Request: I was working for an Organization for 11 years and during the Board meeting on 28th December 2020, I had a strong difference of opinion with the Managing Director as the Company was not in compliance to laws pertaining to its employees. I stood my grounds for the rights of all employees and on 29th December 2020 was Terminated on false allegations that I assualted the Managing Director. The Managing Director is a not a Christian and he along with his Daughter is trying to defame me and have sent legal notices to me. I have not been paid my salary and severance pay and I had no option but to file a complaint with the Labour Court. I ask you to pray for me that the strongholds of Satan are destroyed and truth and justice are established. I ask you to pray to the Lord that he delivers me from the hands of those who conspire to do evil against me