Pray For Someone

God’s intervention and judgement

Submitted By: Anonymous

Prayer Request: Please pray for a family of Hindu neighbor- Jiten Das, Dipali Das, their two sons – one of them are working in West Bengal police force, also all their nephews. They are trying their best to grab my land by force which I purchased long many years back and I have all the documents. They are doing all types of wrong, even throwing dirt on the road which my ancestors use for 105 years, and using often bad words and shouting. We tried to make complain to police, but police never lodged any complain against them as their son is in police. My 84 years old mother traveled twice to police station to make complain and they kept her sitting whole day and sent back home without taking any complain. Only God can help us. Please pray for God’s righteous judgment. Let them see the righteous anger and mighty power of God, and let them experience what they deserve. I am going through much anxiety and unrest for many months. Please uphold me in prayer.