Pray For Someone


Submitted By: Jim Conner

Prayer Request: Kevin Whiteman who is a teacher had a court case about his job on November 13, 2017. Both lawyers were granted 30 days to submit their final evidence. The judge will make her ruling after the evidence is received. Please pray for victory for Kevin and that the opposing lawyers will not appeal.
2-Steve Morgret needs deliverence from alcohol. He and his wife are separated with children involved and they need salvation. They have started court procedings towards divorce on November 22, 2017.Please pray for God’s favor, salvation, deliverence, and reconciliation for this family.
3-Bobby Morgret needs salvation and healing in his legs. He battles with depression also. His daughter Jordan needs salvation and deliverance from the wrong friends and worldly influences.
4-Heather Helmstetter has stage 4 cancer. She has two young children.
5-MyDad, Ron, has numerous health issues that needs healing. He needs delivered from smoking and his finances blessed.
7-Repentance for America and deliverance for the nation with drugs, sexual immorality, idolatry, prejudice, and pride.
8-Ginny and Greg Foreman need salvation. This is a mother and son relationship that needs the walls of unforgiveness to crumble down. Ginny also needs healing for her back and needs her finances .
9- Robert and Melissa Stinnett need salvation. This is a husband and wife. He has backslid from church because his wife doesn’t believe. She is a Atheist.