Pray For Someone

Prayers for my Daughter

Submitted By: Beth White

Prayer Request: Please pray for Claire, my daughter. For spiritual protection and safety. Pray that she can let go of anger, accusations, leave the abuse and come to embrace Christ Jesus’ salvation, hope, grace, peace and true love. Pray for reconciliation in our family. Pray that Claire can receive God’s message of peace which will guide her to reconnect with her loving family, and to His Light and Love.

In my seeking help for my daughter, I discovered that many churches don’t provide support that is needed for the victims of abuse. So, I am praying that Christians have resources available for Domestic Violence victims who need God’s loving protection, a way to safety, and Christ’s salvation and hope. National DV Hot Line Christian DV program PeaceWorks – Christian DV program

Thank you for your prayers. God Bless.