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Urgent Prayer Requests

Submitted By: Anonymous

Prayer Request: Hi Everyone,
I could really use your prayer on this urgently…

1. Please ask God to complete and speed up the divorce from my wife Christina Tom who initiated the divorce and is currently committing adultery. I don’t want reconciliation with her because the marriage will be nominal at best. She had a couple of abortions in her past before we were married and has not taken accountability for it. I found out she committed adultery before we were married and lived with a guy for 5 years. I tried 10-12 years to get marriage counseling with her but she rejected it. Divorce has been going on for at least a year. And I made one last stand to save it again this last year to save it and lost. satan has Christina’s heart for sure.
2. I have been out of a job for almost a year, please ask God to restore my job in Information Technology so I can put a roof over my head (sleeping in car) and pay the bills / debt and feed myself and to finally move on and live this life for God
3. Because of the divorce, please pray for my daughter’s healing Rebekah (19) and Deborah (16) pain. Please pray that both Rebekah and Deborah truly understand that Adultery is a Sin before God….. Christina had manipulated them to think that her adultery is OK.

Finally, I thank God for all of these problems and circumstances… since I do not know the future anymore except to marry a godly Woman this next time around (since my divorce will be Biblical). Please ask God to give me clarity what these circumstances mean? And wisdom and direction on what to do next…

Thanks for all your prayers!
In Christ, Robert Tom