Pray For Someone

Urgent Prayer Request

Submitted By: Dawna Thomas

Prayer Request: This is URGENT Prayer request for my friend who has been stuck in Thailand for 3mon when it was supposed to be only 2wk business trip. I got a text from Scharton in the middle of the night that “he was in a big mess” so far no other info..he was going to have 3hr layover in Turkey before the final flight to SF CA he’s traveling with his 6yr old son Cohen. I’m very concerned for their welfare.
Please pray for protection, favor, provision, freedom to continue to USA and binding these traps and schemes of the enemy.
Then i got this text yesterday from Scharton
“Am presently in the premises of Thailand International Airport because have been detained by the immigration officers here for over staying in their country” they aren’t able to leave the airport. Please continue to pray for them..NEEDS BREAKER ANOINTED PRAYERS!
Also if you can help in any other way please let me know!!
And Please if you can get other believing ministries involved this has become way too much
Blessings and thank you,