Pray For Someone

Healing, Financial Blessings

Submitted By: Kim Martin

Prayer Request: I am scheduled to sing solos and Minister in song at church on Sunday, May 26, 2019 & Sunday, June 30 for the entire 8:30am Worship Service. Pray for healing & triple portion anointing over my voice lungs diaphragm breathing respiratory system to be clear strong. Pray for healing over absess of my lip. I had to go to the Emergency room twice last week and pray that I do not have to return to have it lanced, drained, which is very painful & leaves scar. Pray for financial blessings for my handyman business with my husband Randy clients that pay well and weather to be clear. Pray for healing in marriage that all third-party relationships ungodly soul ties demonic influence be bound in Jesus name, loose unity, peace. Pray for protection over property and animals. Pray for healing over my father Ernest Cherry and my brother Jason Cherry. Pray for another vehicle.