Pray For Someone

Teacher life with my students

Submitted By: Anonymous

Prayer Request: My dear Lord Jesus, I am a unlucky man and a sinner. In my life, I crashed into the car. When it rained, the two soles were taken off the street, and all the documents were lost: ID card, octopus card, and a month’s salary,but grateful, thanksgiving my Lord Jesus Christ, now I just want to do a good job in education, ask the Lord to give me the gift of children’s oil pastel, poster colour and watercolour, children’s painting color using rich techniques I have the eloquence of attracting children, so that every child who is taught can trust, obey, and fully absorb what I teach. If anyone is willing to learn with humility, I am willing to take all my painting skills, including children’s paintings. Teach them unreservedly, asking the Lord to give me a very high reputation, because no one really knows me, believe me! So that I can lay a good foundation for the teaching of painting for the elderly in the future, because now no matter how you paint, and tell the truth, no one believes, know? I hope that the Lord will pity and pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!